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The Prospector

August 29, 2011 

Dear Shareholder:

As we emphasized at our annual meeting last week, Mother Lode Bank has substantial liquidity on its books.  Our goal is to put this liquidity to work by generating as much as $10 million in new loans between now and the end of the year. As shareholders, you have the most to gain in helping to achieve this goal, and we are asking for your help right now to increase the earning assets of the bank and ultimately, the value of your shares.

As you know, Mother Lode Bank is the only locally-owned Bank in this area, and our efforts remain focused on growing the economy of our region.  To help both our Bank and our local economy, we need to put our liquidity to work right here and right now, by making loans to you, your businesses, your professional colleagues and your friends; that is the way a true community bank grows and thrives, and rewards the investments of its shareholders.

To that end, we ask that you contact any one of our loan officers and provide them with contact information for as many potential borrowers as possible.  They are:

Lisa Melville 209-533-6703
Tammy Hammond 209-533-6711
Judy Block 209-533-6723


 All contact information will be held and used in the strictest confidence.  

Just as Mother Lode Bank is dedicated to supporting our community, we need all of you, our shareholders, to help us invest our liquidity in our local economy.  Please call any one of our Board of Directors or loan officers, or our Chief Credit Officer, Bob Daneke as soon as possible to help put Mother Lode Bank on track for success in 2012.


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